About Chalk Board Design Co.

Your company website is most often the first extension of your business that people are going to engage with. At Chalk Board Design we can help build the face of this crucial element and leave a proffesional online impression with your current and potential clients. Think of your website as an employee that never sleeps!
At Chalk Board we offer proffessional Web & App Development to help build a strong online presence for your business or ideas.

We are in the information age, an age where an online search or a website visit is now constantly and conveniently always at our fingertips. A huge cost to any business is not having a strong online presence. Be it on an Android, iPhone, Tablet, or a Desktop, your online profile should have as much impact as possible across all these platforms.

Our current App Developments are targeted for the Android market, drop us a line if you have any ideas for an app that you would like developed for the Google Play Store and Amazon App market.

  • “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

    Neville Brody
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

    Leonardo Da Vinci
  • "Design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

    Joel Spolsky


Got a website or an app you need developed? Drop us an email and lets get things started!

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